As an OEM, you understand the challenges involved in providing nation wide printer service to meet the growing needs of your resellers and their MPS businesses. You also know that servicing an A4 device on a managed print contract takes more than a strong technician; you need new levels of call reporting, cost visibility and a provider you can count on. As you look to establish your network of certified service providers throughout USA and Canada, here are 10 reasons why other OEMs are asking NPRN for help them extend the service capabilities within their channels.

  1. Single point of contact for service dispatch
  2. Automated call routing system
  3. Set rate per call
  4. No multiple labor charges
  5. No additional travel charges
  6. 4 hour response time or better
  7. 95% 1st time fix track record
  8. 100% Certified technicians
  9. NPRN service Technicians
  10. Compete effectively against other manufacturers and distributors