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Your portfolio of services as a Managed Service Provider is tailored to proactively monitor and resolve problems with WANs and LANs, computers, OS and application software installation and patching and providing backup services for your clients.  Your staff is certified in all the necessary disciplines and can quickly swap out defective components to give the client back his productivity tools - except with print and imaging devices.

Adding Managed Print Services to your MSP portfolio, requires certification on many vendors‘ printer and copier devices, the need to provide just-in-time consumables replenishment and repair these devices onsite with mechanical components.  Depending on your customer base, this can result in a huge inventory of parts, components and whole devices along with a significant budget.

Since print costs represent 1-3% of a company’s revenue, there is a tremendous opportunity to add a Managed Print solution to your portfolio.  The best way is to partner with an organization that understands print and has the resources to service these devices.

Now you don’t have to walk away from these opportunities; becoming a member of the National Printer Repair Network gives access to certified technicians who are specialists on printers and imaging devices anywhere in the United States and Canada.  You monitor your customer’s fleet and outsource all physical activities to NPRN.

What sets NPRN apart from other service organizations?  Here are some real differentiators.

  1. Set rate per call
  2. 4 hour response time
  3. 95% 1st time fix track record
  4. No call back charges
  5. Best parts and consumables prices in the industry
  6. Best parts warranties on many products
  7. No shipping charges
  8. Single point of contact for service dispatch
  9. Automated call routing system
  10. Single invoice for all service requests